Rebecca Holtom

'Sea, Treasure'   
Rebecca, Alice & Chloé
Painting, Photography & Jewellery

31th Oct - 28th nov 2015

Hann-Harr Gallery,
4 Corner House Buildings
Red lion Sauare,




This exhibition is a bit of fun!  
A collection of work between mother and daughters.
In 2013 Chloé and I had a show here called ‘Sketch book Pieces’
(Collages and jewellery). This time Alice joins us with her Photography.

My small paintings are oil paint on glass (a process influenced by Polish folk painting).
Some combine drawing, printing and collage.
The big monoprints are made on delicate Chinese paper which adheres very well to this technique.
The imagery focuses on recollections of the Mediterranean Sea, the Channel and the coast of Scotland
(i.e., Sete, Hythe and the Mull of Kintyre).
My love of the sea, engrained in me since childhood, is as strong as ever,
and I like nothing better than a walk or a sit or a think on some stretch of coast.

When Alice isn’t teaching or looking after children, she’s travelling.
This year she’s been to Norway, Japan, Poland, Holland and the Basque country, Spain. Always with a camera.
She has a particular vision and can capture a poignant moment perfectly.
Alice grew up in the south of France and Kent.
She studied English at Montpellier and Manchester Universities.
She’s now employed at Sevenoaks Montessori School.

Chloé lives in Montpellier, and is at university there pursuing  theatre studies and French literature.
Since a young age she’s been creating things with absolute joy and wonder. Her jewellery is intricate ‘embroidered’ glass and crystal beads.
It takes form to become elaborate ‘sea urchins’ or ‘anemones’.
Broaches, rings and necklaces take literally hours to assemble.